An All Originals Music Project

A Fusion of Musical Styles

music is emotion

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[ contemporary classical, new age piano, easy listening, classic swing and jazz ]


Musicians – Songwriters – Composers – Original Music Ideas

Imagine being able to work on your idea with supportive musicians and hear it live as you envision it? … Welcome to Eclectic Essence.

Do you love most styles of music? Are you open to playing and blending multiple styles of music in perhaps unique, new ways?
Do you want to be part of a musical project where it is highly unlikely that someone says “NO” to a song or musical style?
Do you consider yourself an “old soul”, or have others said that about you? Are your favorite musical styles from years past?
Do you want to be free to play whatever comes naturally to you in an open, welcoming environment?
Eclectic Essence is a unique opportunity for the right people. This is not a band where we are pre-defined as a particular musical style. Our goal is to create and produce music with as few limits as possible. We might open with a swing jazz tune, and the next  composition might be very “country” – another might be folksy – while be play a couple of southern blues tunes in between – and finish out with something classical sounding.

Imagine a new Grateful Dead type of band, where perfected jamming, sharing of the spotlight, and more musical styles blended in take place. This is the vision.

Are you ready to join us on this musical adventure?

Live Streaming

We are a live performance based musical project. Our foremost reach for fans is online performances and practices. Building the online audience is our first goal, while playing locally to develop a local following is secondary, but equally as important.


Many of the members of this project will be working on their own private online presence – building their own fan following privately, as individual musicians. It is the goal of the Eclectic Essence experience to aid and help each member who is working on those goals. Together, we can help each other achieve success, as well as accomplish something musically unique, corporately and personally, with Eclectic Essence.

Are you ready to join us on this musical adventure?
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